The Faerie Guardian (Volume 1) - Rachel Morgan Review was originally based on Guardian, Labyrinth, Traitor and Masquerade
before it was compiled and published into one novel. So here goes...

Three words: CAN’T. GET. ENOUGH! Seriously! Can’t even stop squealing and screaming and jumping with excitement!!! I’m just so so glad I came across these books. I love you already Rachel Morgan! I’m seriously adding this series to my five-star books. The Creepy Hollow Series—Guardian, Labyrinth, Traitor, and Masquerade—really really made my week. I just wish Rachel Morgan will hurry up and finish this already. I’m that excited! From the first moment I read it, right at the very first page, I swear a big goofy grin plastered itself automatically across my face. I also loved the covers! So much! It’s what interested me to read in the first place. They look so adorable and perfect! I was totally enchanted by Violet Fairdale—she was so smart and brave and kickass and I can’t help but admire her badassery. After I read the first book, I thought the story was just another usual insta-love fiction—a kickass faery guardian trainee out on an assignment, met a normal human boy, he followed her onto their fae realm, she broke the rules, they fell in love, blah blah blah. I even hated Violet (just a little!) for being so soft and gullible at first. But then, well, things turned out differently than what I had expected them to be—but no spoilers here yet!

So then I decided, and it’s final: Rachel Morgan totally, absolutely ROCKS!!! I even read the acknowledgement part, which I rarely do, and just do when and because (a) I think the author is really cool and awesome, (b) I like to see how the author writes—yes, especially the acknowledgements, and (c) I’d like to know more about the author. I’m so obsessed. Ever read a book and you become suddenly absorbed and you think, “If I write a book someday, I totally want it to be like this”? Well, that’s what just happened to me. It’s so ideal. Like it’s just so perfect you practically hate yourself that you haven’t thought of it first. Yes, that’s how hardcore it is. The story was very well thought, the plot is absolute, and it’s definitely not shallow. It shows how really hard the author had worked for this. It can get you doubled-over by laughter in the funniest parts (yes, I did it, completely alone) and cry your heart out the next—which adds another set of points for this book. It really shows how deep the story’s gone: 26 chapters and it has managed to get into me and tragically pull my heartstrings out! I swear, no single boring part in the entirety of the series. It's so...MAGICAL!

I also respect this series so much because not only does it entertain us in its magical and exciting fantasy, it also delivers us a message as a whole: about love surrounding and protecting us against evil, about the irony of the reality inside a surreal world, and about friendship, lost and forgotten, to be found and cherished again.