Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi “Please don’t shoot me for this.”

Seriously, that simple line makes me grin and look like a complete idiot every time I remember what follows next. Don't ask me what. Go ahead and read the book yourself then maybe we can talk about it all day long. Well, what can I say? Unravel Me was intense. Intense and brilliant with lots of action and a veeery good dose of romance and Warner... crap. Now I sound like a.. a.. I don't know. See? This book makes me crazy!

I was so damn excited to read this after Shatter Me. The moment I sat and opened Unravel Me, I realized how much I missed Tahereh Mafi's alluring writing style. It was lyrical and so beautiful that it captures a lot of imagery in a simple phrase. I was captivated by the words that sometimes I get stuck on a page repeating sentences so I can imprint it in my mind yet hungry for more that I can't turn the pages fast enough.

There are a few things I did not approve with Juliette. The excitement she felt upon arriving at Omega Point and knowing that there are others like her began to fade the longer she stayed that she turned out uninvolved and alone. She's so consumed by her thoughts and worries that she doesn't think about anything else except Adam and how people are afraid of her and her powers and her weaknesses and Adam and more Adam. BUT.. that does not make this a bad book. Why? Because we have Kenji! He is my favorite character next to Warner. He's hilarious and jokes about stuff but everything he says is true. He's the one who smacks sense both into Juliette and Adam's head. If Adam and Juliette leans me inch by inch towards negativity, then Kenji balances it with everything good he has to offer. So it's a total win! And that does not include Warner yet.

I can talk about him all day. But that would eventually become exhausting. I mean, this is my review and no one told me to do this. I can write anything I want so what the heck? Let's talk about Warner! It's not necessary for me to change teams. I'm loyal to Warner since Shatter Me. I like Adam but.. Warner's character is very promising to me. There's this certain depth in him that I really admire and personally, I think he's more exciting. And I love Tahereh for the role she gave Warner in Unravel Me. Just, wow. I can't help but agree with him that together, he and Juliette would really be unstoppable. Based on what happened in the entire book, I'd say that the third one - whatever the title would be, just not UNSHACKLE ME, please - would be explosive. Just think about that ending! And really, Juliette, if you don't choose Warner - AFTER EVERYTHING HE'S DONE!! - I'm going to shackle you. Wait, what? I did not just say that.

Anyway, if Juliette does not choose Warner, then.. her loss. She still has Adam who loves her, too, anyway. Yes, I believe in Adam's love for Juliette. I even hurt for everything that's happened involving him. That's how genius Tahereh is in conveying emotions through her characters. And Warner, please open your eyes to all the possibilities out there, including the writer of this review, who gave her time and entire paragraph of dedication just for you. And only you. lol.

This is becoming less of a review and more fan-girling. But it's fun so who cares? Before I end this I just want to clarify my point. Unravel Me is amazing! So you really should read this.