Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire I am a big fan of Beautiful Disaster. So when I heard of the sequel - in Travis' POV - I was predictably ecstatic and began counting down the days until publication date. Fortunately, I was approved for an advanced copy which I immediately read. And did I like it? Yes. But not as much as the first book.

Walking Disaster started very well. In fact, I was having positively high hopes about the whole book thinking it's going to be different. The prologue was touching and plays a big part in Travis' life that it actually made me a little teary-eyed. I liked being in Travis' head. He's sweet, funny, a good friend and son despite his messed-up life and short temper. But as much as I'm loving the experience, I can't help being lost in some parts of the book. There are certain parts that seems too abrupt and I'm suddenly wondering what happened in between. So it's probably best if you've read Beautiful Disaster. I was really hoping for more intense emotions from this book considering it's Travis'. We got to see his good and bad side but other than that it's just like.. yeaaah.

I haven't seen much difference except maybe the prologue and epilogue. That's something you really have to look forward to in the book because I assure you, it's not in Beautiful Disaster. Especially the last part! It is the perfect ending to their story compared to the first. It left me very satisfied. To sum it all up, Walking Disaster is a very nice read. Those of you who are pining for Travis, well, just watch out. You'll finally have a piece of what's on his mind during all those times he is finally fighting for what he never thought he's capable of. Falling in love.

Happy birthday TRAVIS!