Avow (The Archers of Avalon, #3) - Chelsea Fine I liked how original this series is. I have grown to love it since I read Anew so when I found out that Avow is going to be the last book, it made me think 'No way!' I was so surprised because it didn't occur to me that it would end very soon. It saddens me like most endings in a series does. I can imagine what it's like to part with something you've grown to love especially those you knew and felt close to. The Archers of Avalon is definitely one of those.

As much as I am reluctant to pick this up (because, duh, last book) I really can't live another minute not knowing what happened after that oh-no-you-didn't ending of the previous book. I've been pining for this since I finished Awry so it's kind of a good and a bad thing that this was published not long after.

If Awry was mainly focused on the curse, Avow would make you curl your toes in action and suspense as it delves into the lives of our immortals Nathaniel, Gabriel and Tristan after the curse, their continuous search for the cure in between waiting for Scarlet's reincarnation and the secret and dangers the Fountain of Youth holds; an information Scarlet had hidden from her friends in her last life that may cure the curse or end an immortal life.

It was so good I finished it in no time. Which made me wish I can't read that fast because I really don't want this to end. I'll miss Team Awesome's kick-ass and life-threatening but equally silly and hilarious times. Ohmygod, I'm going to cry now..

The ending, though sad (apart from the fact that this is the last book) was perfect and definite. It left me with no questions unanswered (but still in bad need of a sequel; just because). I like how it turned out and the reason behind it which I accepted but won't say didn't break my heart.

The Archers of Avalon is going to be a TV series soon so I guess I'm going to look forward to it now though I must say that I still prefer the book no matter what. Reading this entire series, I have no doubt it'd be perfect on TV. I have even imagined it before this news came out and I'm very excited especially for the author. You're the best, Chelsea!